Antoniana Minuterie

Antoniana Minuterie was founded in 1976 in the north of Italy near Padova: a company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets precision parts in metallic and non-metallic materials.

Originally the company production was focused on the footwear sector: in the last ten years the initiative and passion for technology brought Antoniana Minuterie to develop a wide range of solutions for several industrial applications such as: household appliances, electromechanic, automations, lighting technology, articles of stationery, and automotive.

Born forty years ago as a craft firm, Antoniana Minuterie today has already changed 4 locations, and now it is located on morethan 8000 sqm. From only 4 members to a single shareholder and 63 employees, from 1 only press to 75, from 2 products to thousands of products.
The first two moulds are still working every day since 40 years.

A name Antoniana Minuterie that says who we are and what we do.

ANTONIANA: the name is a clear reference to Saint Antony, the Saint of Padua, just to underline the belonging to the territory.

MINUTERIE:small metal parts are our products and we produce them with extremely attention to details.


Since over 40 years the company is pursuing this route: innovation of the productive processes, products and solutions, keeping fixed the professionalism, the exclusivity of the solutions, the quality of the relationships, and the skills to keep promises.

We work in a productive environment where quality and price are obvious, the difference is created by the ability to establish solid relationship with customers based on trust, and passion to create together profitable solutions not only from an economic point of view, but also from a professional one.

Antoniana Minuteire’s promises are real thanks to the capability to have a short value chain: the company is the only one partner considering the whole productive process.

Antoniana Minuterie provides for its customers flexibility, products quality, services and respect for the environment.