Customizations for footwear projects

Customizing is not just about making a product according to the customer / market’s wishes.

Customizing means making unique and making it unique means making it desirable.

We help our customers make their products unique and desirable.

This is our target.

The collaboration with established industrial designers, 40 years of experience in small metal parts dedicated to footwear in various sectors, the use of high quality materials and the best finishes allows us to be the ideal partner for the realization of your accessories with warranty of functionality, durability and aesthetic pleasure.

Beauty is taken for granted in the sectors of leisure or fashion footwear, quality and performance are in the areas of safety, rescue, trekking and sports.

For Antoniana Minuterie, aesthetic taste, quality and performance are essential characteristics, at the base of the design of every single accessory for footwear and a guarantee of success for the business of its customers.

We design the component and the mold, we create the prototype, we check the assembly and produce small metal parts, satisfying the customer in every need.