finiture calzatura


nickel – dark nickel – dark nickel 10µ – gun metal – brassed – antique brass – gold

Nickel free

gunmetal – gunmetal 8µ – gunmetal 10µ – gunmetal HOB* – light gunmetal – galvanized – nickel – antique silver – gold – Brassed – Antique brass HOB*

* HOB is an acronym for HOCHOHMIGE BEHANDLUNG which means high resistance treatment and is used to designate all products that have exceptional corrosion resistance after this treatment.


The painting can be performed with any color shade on customer request.

Antoniana Minuterie also ensures high anti-corrosive performance for all painted small metal parts, thanks to FAR 500, a special surface treatment resulting from the research of our technicians and covered by a trade secret, which ensures that the characteristics of the product are maintained unchanged even after exposure to salt fog for 500 hours.