Moulds Contruction

All the molds, both those dedicated to the production of components for the industrial sectors and those for small metal parts for footwear, are designed and manufactured internally.

The tooling and workshop department with the 12 people employed, is responsible for realizing the new molds and the constant maintenance of those already in use, to ensure maximum efficiency and production quality.

About 30 new molds are produced annually, in addition to the 585 already present in the company.

The realization of a mold involves different phases:

  • Mold design according to customer specifications
  • Realization of the 3D model
  • Conversion of the 3D project into machine language and tool path
  • Squaring plates and details
  • CNC turning / milling or wire path
  • Possible hardening of the mold
  • Mold assembly
  • Bench test
  • Final test in press

The technical staff of Antoniana Minuterie is at your complete disposal to discuss and plan together, the solution that best suits your needs, in the shortest possible time and with the best quality / price ratio.